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A Private Members Club

The House of Remembrance

Private Club Members Agreement

The House of Remembrance is a Private Members Club created by annie-veronica. The Club operates in all aspects under God's Law as outlined in the law book (not religion!!) known as the 1611 King James Bible, as it's the highest law in a court of law, and the divine covenant that is written in our hearts. All members understand and agree to participate, interact, exchange and join in their private capacity, as the man or the woman. All members understand and agree that all exchanges of value and sweat equity with annie-veronica and the House of Remembrance are donations and compensation for sweat equity. 


All members agree to do no harm, or cause harm, loss or injury to another in the Club. Members understand and agree not to share and otherwise disclose information shared in the private to anyone that is not a member without prior written agreement.  

All members agree and understand that they themselves are responsible for anything they share, and that they themselves are solely responsible for any interactions and exchanges with other members. This agreement is between the members and annie-veronica, and are the rules and agreements of the club. 

All members agree and understand that their membership will be revoked if the agreements and rules of the Club are broken.

By continuing with a donation and/or becoming a member, the man or the woman confirm that they agree with the rules, laws and agreements of the House of Remembrance Private Club. Enjoy this space! Happy sharing and connecting! 

Articles of Association

Coming Soon! 

House of Remembrance Private Club Constitution 

Coming soon!  

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