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The Remembrance Book

The Alchemical Laws that Govern Creation

Natural Law, Sacred Scripture & Subtle Body Anatomy

Thank You for being here, and congratulations on finding what is in form a book, but in substance a DIRECT ONE-WAY TICKET to a natural medicine journey in consciousness; of astonishing awakening, deep healing and profound understanding of 'sovereignty' in practical terms that will change your life forever. 

This book is woven by words of medicine, written in a way that brings the shadow side of what keeps you trapped in fear, pain or resignation firmly and gently into your awareness so that you, YourSelf, by your own integrated choice can move beyond conditioning, trauma programming, ancestral karma, debilitating beliefs from the clear place of your greatest power; choice and free will. 

There is only CHOICE. Choice with awareness of what you're actually choosing, choice from a place of knowing.God's law is the highest law both in reality and in a court of law, and comes into effect ONLY when YOU CHOOSE, invoke and claim it. The word is truly in the beginning, and who chooses the word? You, from your choice point of creation, the 5th chakra, with the word. 


Not only does The Remembrance provide ample intellectual and theoretical frameworks for an ancient remembered new consciousness, health and kingdom-of-heaven-on-earth paradigm but it invites you on an empowering visceral journey of your very own mind, psyche and body through inquiry, contemplation and self reflection. 


Subtle Body Anatomy

Subtle Body Anatomy is a map of the totality our lived experience, that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. It is also the map of the natural laws of creation written directly in and as our biology. The Remembrance book offers insights into this subject based on 25 years of teaching and practical energy medicine, as previously taught in year long trainings.

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Esoteric Wisdom & Scripture

Everything is frequency, vibration, electro-magentism. We experience reality through the energy state plasma, the interface between spirit and matter, which we know as our personality. The key to the laws of  creation are written in our biology, beyond concepts, ideologies and dogma, and esoteric wisdom offers clues as to how we may know ourselves as the perfection of God's Creation

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Natural Law

Also known as God's Law. The Remembrance book offers great education and insights as to what constitutes 'sovereignty' or Natural Law in practical Reality, as well as deep sapce for contemplation and transmutation of conditioning and trauma. Our lives as well as our health are ruled by Natural Law. Only we can choose. We are the alchemist.

Complete Table of Contents 

Book Two - The Restoration



Prayer for the reader 


The Invitation

The Teachings

Oneness - is All One?

Creation according to Genesis from a Subtle Body Anatomy perspective 

Esoteric living knowledge 

The Trinity: Mind-Body-Soul

Alchemy of Creation - astrology, physics and scripture

Holy Land Physiology

Elements of the Realm of Matter – the physical body, nature’s clock, seasons

Subtle Body Anatomy Map – at a glance

Reflection on Subtle Body Anatomy and Energy Medicine

Sacred Sites and Ancestral Wisdom

An Alchemical weave – Gods Law

A Natural Law perspective on Yoga philosophy

God’s Law - the principles and laws of creation in real life

The principles and laws of nature

Understanding world systems and natural law

Choice, law and creation


Natural law – more principles & laws of nature/ creation

God’s Law - Trust Law: the Holy Trinity

How Natural / Universal Law operates in our realm; meaning real life

Inversion, subversion and perversion of the laws of nature

Private, fact, reality, law vs. Public, fiction, illusion, legal

Book One - The Foundation

Subtle Body Anatomy

The Three Bodies

Maps, illustrations, tables

The Five Koshas, the five Vauys and Nadis

The First Body - Dense – Physical Matter – Creation

Annamaya kosha layer

The Second Body - the Subtle – The Created

Pranamaya kosha layer

Manomaya kosha layer

Vijnamaya kosha layer

The Third Body – the Causal – the Creator

Anandamaya kosha layer

The 7 primary chakras

Sacral Chakra – Sacred life-creating power

Solar plexus Chakra – City of Jewels

Heart Chakra - earth – hearth; in-earth-ia

Throat Chakra - choice point of creation

Single Third Eye Chakra – true seeing

Crown Chakra - the thousand petalled lotus, full spectrum light

The 5 Elements, the 5 Organ Pairs and the 6 Meridian Pairs

The Stomach and Spleen - Element of Earth

Lung and Large Intestine - Element of Metal

Kidney and Bladder - Element of Water

Liver and Gallbladder - Element of Wood

Heart and Small Intestine - Element of Fire

Pericardium and Triple Burner - Element of Fire

Transcripts of meditations and teachings for each chakra

Word Medicine

Recommended Resources and References



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