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About House of Remembrance 
and our Private Members Club

And the truth shall make you free  -  Know Thyself  -   It's an inside job 

Empower yourself with natural health, knowledge, and God's Law



The only vision for all offerings here is education, inspiration, healing, alchemical transmutation (hint - you are the alchemist!) of ancestral karma and socio-cultural programming to help empower yourSelf to fully be the author and co-creator of your health and experience of reality.


A space where the principles and laws of nature are honoured and respected; where natural medicine and natural healing is celebrated.

A space where uncensored enquiry and exploration into the nature of reality, health, consciousness and our inborn capacities and God-given rights forms a foundation.

A space where it's ok to feel and voice one's true knowing in relation to the approved socio-cultural algorithmically engineered narrative and great reset trajectory. A space beyond the separation of spirit and matter. 

We scintillate in octaves of truth and respectful explorations of reality based on the alchemical laws of creation and each wo/mans innate intelligence and knowing. We offer these works of healing, mind-body health education, individual growth and profound empowerment entirely in the private. 

We invite you to join the free blog for limited exploratory content, or the full membership to access all of Veronicas regular sharing of writings, videos, remembrance teachings, links for educational purposes, and spontaneously occasional live calls of guided meditations, transmissions, breathwork, teaching, or Q & A.

Know ThySelf.  The Truth shalt make thou Free.  It's an inner journey.

The House of Remembrance is a private members club created by i, woman, annie-veronica.  Being a full member gives you access to the clubs private space, where the truth of Creation and natural law reigns; created for us to freely share and exchange our wisdom, gifts, ideas and information in the private, as men and women, unfettered by approved public narratives; be it in the area of health, beliefs and knowing, or dominion and self-governance. 

Join as a guest member under the laws and agreements of the club, and access the free material in the blog, or apply to be a full member and get full access to all the educational, empowering and inspirational content, resources, teachings and practices shared in the club. 

I'll be sharing my current reflections and writings, in text or video, and hold spontaneous online classes, body-mind session, meditations and gatherings


A space to freely explore, learn, connect, share, enquire and study the following areas amongst others:

  • Natural / Creator's law, both in the public, exoteric and in the private, esoteric 

  • Energy medicine, shamanic work, healing, breath-work, mind-body-soul-sprit coherence, natural medicine.

  • Holistic psychology and physiology, alchemy of the laws of creation and subtle body anatomy. Mind-body-soul-spririt.

  • Ancient wisdom and ways; gathering, circle, ceremony, song, sacred sites, connection. 

  • Solutions for and transmutation of social engineering, slavery programs and conditioning, and the soul / power-less weitiko technocratic parasitic agenda spells. 

  • Esoteric wisdom and knowledge. As within so without. transmuting darkness into into light. Your Gold. 

In the members club forum, you have your own profile and can interact and also exchange freely with other members and share your own wisdom, gifts and medicine under the constitution of our private club. Or just access the content, and participate in the live breathwork or online gathering and wisdom sharings between members when you feel a space of genuine connection with your self and others will be nourishing. 

4Wix offering Tara.jpeg

i created this space especially, to be able to freely share knowledge with those that are interested to grow and learn, and be fully empowered and healthy participants in the creation of their own experience of realty. 

I value your and my time and energy; you are most likely to get something out of being a guest or full member if you value

  • Independent, open and critical thinking over censorship

  • Direct experience and knowing over approved narratives

  • Natural health and healing over or alongside allopathic medicine

  • Bodily autonomy over coercion / bullying

  • Solutions over complaining / apathy / victim consciousness

  • Truth over lies

  • Curiosity and free enquiry over herd mentality

  • Courage and love over fear

  • Your natural birth-right over domestication and indoctrination

  • Understanding the terrain over contagion and invisible particles

  • True Healing over socio-cultural or religious dogma and beliefs

  • Doing the shadow work over pretence, defence and disconnection

  • Transmuting fear and slavery programming over perpetrating war

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