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House of Remembrance

a private space for open and uncensored enquiry, exploration and sharing of knowledge and truth through the lens of the principles and laws of nature.   

Becoming a member or donating is deemed as tacit acceptance of the laws and agreements of The House of Remembrance private members club for the duration of the membership or donation exchange.

About the House of Remembrance & Private Members Club

i am merely an explorer of the nature of reality through direct mind-body-spirit experience. All of the material here is offered in the spirit of education, entertainment and enquiry; none of the information offered here is claimed to be medical, legal or other advise nor should it be construed as such. You are solely responsible for your own actions following any information encountered here. 

i posit that using own intelligence and questioning the status quo in not dangerous but imperative for our own evolution and coming to know who and what we are. 
i created this space to host a multi-disciplinarian perspective of interest, offerings, services, teachings and sharing of ideas and knowledge. A space for connecting with like mind- and hearted souls, in the spirit of natural health and living; free and uncensored conversation, communication and exchange of knowledge, ideas and gifts arising from our innate intelligence and interests. This private members club exists for us all, to freely engage in solutions based enquiry into the nature of reality and health, and for the sharing of natural wisdom that we may thrive with all of our God-given gifts.

I value your and my time and energy, and so invite you to be a member if the content of this site resonates with you. 

As a guest member you'll have access the knowledge share blog, newsletter content and updates. As a full member you'll have access to Veronica's in depth content and teachings, free live online body-mind classes, meditations and online gatherings, as well as workshop with Veronica and Guests.

Becoming a member or making a donation is deemed as tacit acceptance of

the laws and agreement of The House of Remembrance private members club.


The Remembrance Book

The Alchemical Laws that Govern Creation -

Natural Law, Sacred Scripture & Subtle Body Anatomy

This book is a small investment to dis-spell victim-consciousness, slavery-mentality & infant trauma-bonded mind-body conditioning.

This book is medicine by words The Remembrance provide ample intellectual and theoretical frameworks for an ancient remembered new consciousness, health and kingdom-of-heaven-on-earth paradigm but it invites you on an empowering visceral journey of your very own mind, psyche and body through inquiry, contemplation and self reflection. 

Becoming a member or making a donation is deemed as tacit acceptance of

the laws and agreement of The House of Remembrance private members club.

What is The Remembrance Book, Subtle Body Anatomy

and this work all about?  You'll get a sense of it in this interview.

Everything living is light, vibration, electricity - expressed and made manifest in many different ways!

From a place of curiosity, awareness and self-responsibility our capacity for choice becomes powerful. 

About Veronica

An ex-advanced subtle body yoga teacher trainer, Veronica is a practical alchemist and natural medicine woman. The work facilitates knowing oneself as the perfect creation in God’s image in manifest reality; immensely, innately intelligent and pure magnificent love and aliveness. Interested only in present-moment truth, Veronica works through words of the principles and laws of creation ever present in all living things to facilitate deep nervous system healing, karma- and trauma release and transmuting conditioning without effort; free from dogma, delusion, concepts and ideology; but with distinctive choice! The alive splendor of God's Creation we are remains self-evident.


Scoliosis necessitated a life of in-depth exploration of the body-mind-spirit nature of reality. A 25 year healing journey and 2300 contact hours of training and certifying in Yoga and meditation, Lightbody Teacher Training, Journey (!) Practitioner Training (Brandon Bays: cellular emotional healing, NLP, and Enneagram), Shamanic Medicine Woman Training, and Firewalking instructor Training, amongst many other mind-body modalities, such as authentic movement and dance, breath-work, voice work, Qi Gong, fasting, Vipassana and Sumara meditation. Opening an organic award winning restaurant in Ojai, CA, as well as almost dying from organ failure and open abdominal surgery was a true awakening. An astonishing and humbling adventure, all in all, this gift of life!


The Medicine Wo/Man Path
Shamanic Foundation Training 2024 

The Medicine Wo/Man Path

A deeply healing and empowering journey through shamanic practices, tools, deep natural energy medicine, ceremony, and connection. This training is both practical, theoretical and most of all, experiential; an invitation to discover your own unique medicine and gifts, and how you may walk the medicine path in alignment with your souls highest purpose and capacity.

We believe that each soul here has the capacity to remember, call forth, and conjure the ancient wisdom and knowing available to us all, through nature, through our bodies, our minds and innate intelligence.

This training provides a sacred space for your innate intelligence to come back online in your body-mind, so that you may hone your innate medicine or gifts, in every area of your life. Each module, each practice, teaching, ceremony and tool included in this training together form the sacred circle space through which these practices and teachings are fully integrated. The one aim is to facilitate the honing of your unique gifts, expressions, service and deep medicine that is emerging or expanding and taking form for you at this time. 


" ..The depth and breadth of Veronica's knowledge and understanding of yoga, the physical body, the field of human mind-body psychology, subtle body anatomy and how they are all interconnected is astounding.. I was chronically ill when I started attending Veronica's workshops and I have no doubt that the work I underwent with her guidance and support was instrumental in my full recovery.  She has an incredible capacity to hold space with pure compassion, without judgement, with love, facilitating the participants' growth, learning and healing. It has been a truly magnificent, cleansing and transformative experience every step of the way and I cannot recommend working with Veronica highly enough."  - S. S.

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